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Upcycled dried cranberry seeds

Cranberry seeds don’t clump. Simply add them to your product and start enjoying all of the benefits of cranberries. That includes greatly increased fiber content, added protein, and all of the nutrients associated with cranberries, including 7g/100g of Omega-3 and 8g/100g of Omega-6. Our seed products are prepared from non-GMO seeds. No solvents or any other chemicals are used. Dried cranberry seeds are ideal for various applications, including energy bars, bread, crackers, and other food innovations.

Cranflakes™ (crunchy, unsweetened cranberry flakes)

Cranflakes are thinly sliced and dried at a low temperature for a light and crispy texture. They are organically processed from healthy, mature cranberries, with no sugar or any other ingredients added. The berries retain all of their natural benefits. Beyond adding a touch of crunch and tartness to your products, Cranflakes are six times higher in fiber than regular sweetened dried cranberries. This product can be used in cold cereal, granola, or tea applications, as well as whatever other innovations you have in mind.

Blueflakes™ (crunchy, unsweetened wild blueberries)

Our crunchy, unsweetened wild blueberries, unsweetened, are processed using high-quality wild blueberries (grade Canada A or B). The berries are prepared without the use of GMOs, preservatives, or added flavour or colour. They are then dried to a specific moisture level which allows them to maintain their benefits. Our crunchy wild blueberries are versatile and perfect for a variety of applications, such as cold cereal, granola, and chocolate. They’re a perfect ingredient to elevate your product portfolio.

Dehydrated cranberries (sliced)

Our dehydrated cranberries are dried to the perfect moisture level to retain their benefits and taste. Prior to drying, they are prepared without the use of GMOs or any other additives. That means no added sugar, preservatives, flavour or colour. It’s just 100% cranberries, dried to perfection and sliced for your convenience. This ingredient is commonly used in beverages such as tea and herbal infusions, but can also be used in chocolate or whatever else your team chooses to create.

Dehydrated cranberries (bits)

Like our dehydrated sliced cranberries, our cranberry bits are dried to the perfect moisture level, then crushed for easy application. The berries are, of course, made without GMOs, preservatives, flavour, colour, or added sugar. Just pure cranberries, dried, crushed, and ready to add tangy taste and health benefits to your products. These dehydrated cranberry bits are perfect for beverages like tea and herbal infusions, chocolate creations, and anything else you might want to try on your product line.

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