Cran d’Or™Bios cranberry seed dry extract is derived from the cranberry seeds (Vaccinium macrocarpon) to which the oil has been extracted by a cold extraction process. The product is prepared with Non-GMO ingredients. No solvants or chemicals are used.  



CranOra™ comes from
 upcycled cranberry seeds

Cranberry seeds generated during the company’s dried fruit and juice production are upcycled for oil extraction.

Clean label

CranOra™ is produced with non-GMO ingredients and contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes and dyes, or any other petrochemical ingredients.

Nurtured by nature
in our fields in Canada

Fruit d’Or does not use genetically modified ingredients or fungicides. Farmers rely on natural pollination as well as innovative organic farming practices.

Reasons to choose Cran d’Or™Bios

Upcycled cranberry seed products 

Harnessing the potential of upcycled resources, we’ve turned cranberry seeds from our dry fruit and juice production into a valuable powder. 

In line with the latest research and trends

Based on the latest research, our methods are based on laboratory testing and collaborative research with universities to meet the highest standards of quality and regulate bioactive nutrient levels, as indicated on our Nutrition Facts Sheets. In addition, protein and fiber, which the powder is rich of, are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Science meets consumer demand.

Clean label, natural
and organic 

Our pure Cran d’Or Bios is extracted from non-GMO seeds using a chemical-free process that perfectly preserves the nutrients. No solvents or other chemicals are used. Conventional and organic available.

Nourished by
nature in our fields 

Thanks to our vertical integration, our berries never leave our care. Our crops are primarily grown in our own fields, with a cold climate and acidic soil ideal for growing cranberries.


Cranberries benefits

Improve gut health

Thanks to the polyphenols and fiber content (50g/100g), cranberry seed powder has a proven effect on the gut microbiota. They have a prebiotic-like effect that enhances the good bacteria and reduces the incidence of bad bacteria.

Excellent source of protein

With 20 grams of protein per 100 grams, cranberry seed powder adds a nutritious touch to any formulation. Proteins are essential for many biological functions and are often a plus in vegetarian or plant-based products. 

Source of plant-based omega-3 and omega-6 

Compared to other fruit seed powders, cranberry seed powder contains essential fatty acids: 3g of polyunsaturated alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and 3g of linoleic acid (omega-6) per 100g. These fatty acids are essential because the body cannot synthesize them directly. They contribute to cell structure, gene expression, vision, the nervous system, skin integrity, cardiovascular health, and many other biological activities.


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Cran d’Or™ stands at the forefront of organic cranberry cultivation, offering a comprehensive range of nutraceutical ingredients. Our commitment to purity and effectiveness permeates our entire production process, with each ingredient being a direct result of our diligent cultivation in the cold climates of Canada. Using advanced processing techniques, we ensure that every facet of the cranberry’s natural benefits is optimized to its fullest potential. In addition to making premium nutraceutical ingredients, we foster end-to-end upcycling, ensuring that no part of the fruit goes to waste, which is a proven demonstration of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

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