Purity from the ground up.

The best nutraceutical products start with pure and effective ingredients. Fruit d’Or is a proven leader and expert in cultivating and processing the finest cranberries and wild blueberries on the market.

As a vertically integrated company, every step – from sowing seeds to harvesting crops to crafting final ingredients – is meticulously monitored to ensure we only deliver the very best. Experience Fruit d’Or’s proven authenticity, quality, consistency, and effectiveness – right from our fields to your natural health and cosmetic solutions.

Our berries never leave our sight.

We pamper our berries every step of the way, from our own fields to the final product.

What nature does best.

Our berries are just that – pure organic berries, with no additives or GMOs.

Picked and processed with care.

We use cutting-edge field-to-freezer techniques to retain our berries’ full potency.

Pioneering nature’s potential for market success.

As we work together with our clients to create tomorrow’s natural products, we support them through each stage of the development process.

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Our premium branded ingredients portfolio

Nature’s best cranberry ingredients.

Cran d’Or stands at the forefront of organic cranberry cultivation, offering a comprehensive range of nutraceuticals ingredients.

Our commitment to purity and effectiveness permeates our entire production process, with each ingredient being a direct result of our diligent cultivation in the cold climates of Canada.

Using advanced processing techniques, we ensure that every facet of the cranberry’s natural benefits is optimized to its fullest potential.

Premium cosmetic oil.

CranOra is a 100% natural, COSMOS-certified organic and upcycled cranberry seed oil. This first-cold pressed refined and deodorized oil provides sought-after benefits to skin care and hair care products.