Ingredients from nature’s best cranberries

Cran d’Or stands at the forefront of organic cranberry cultivation, offering a comprehensive range of ingredients for your nutraceutical products. Whether you’re using our cranberries to enhance functional foods, create sustainable supplements, manufacture personal care and cosmetic products, you can rest assured that your goods start with the best possible berries.

Our diligence and commitment to purity permeates our entire production process as we cultivate berries in the cold climates of Canada. Using advanced processing techniques, we ensure that every facet of the cranberry’s natural benefits is optimized to its fullest potential. That means your processed cranberries will retain the fresh, potent, life-giving qualities as when they were first lovingly harvested.

In addition to quality, we’re also deeply committed to sustainability. As we cultivate our premium nutraceutical ingredients, we foster end-to-end upcycling, ensuring that no part of the fruit goes to waste. 

No matter what final form our cranberries take, their quality remains consistent every step of the way.

Cran d’Or™ TotalPAC

Full spectrum cranberry powder – 7.2% soluble & insoluble PAC guaranteed.

Cran d’Or™ Complete

Fiber rich 100% cranberry powder – 4% soluble & insoluble PAC guaranteed.

Cran d’Or™ Bios

Upcycled fiber and protein-packed cranberry seed powder.

Cran d’Or™ AcaSol

Premium cranberry powder packed with soluble fiber.

Cran d’Or™ PlantEFA

Upcycled cranberry seed oil with a unique and balanced Omega 3-6-9 profile.

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